Using internet offered by mobile operators in Pakistan has almost become a pain in this world of new technology where the number of people using internet on mobile devices are increasing day by day. Thanks to PTCL for introducing this very useful wifi biscuit labelled as PTCL Evo 3g Nitro Cloud that you can carry with you anywhere you go. This small piece of tech can easily fit in your pocket, its relatively smaller than smartphones.

ptcl evo 3g nitro cloud device

There are two options in Nitro Cloud devices whichever you think best suits your needs, i.e. one offers speeds upto 9.3 Mbps and the other one is 3 Mbps. I chose 9.3 Mbps connection because i was looking for high speed internet connection on the go. Looking for Wifi and their passwords each time you visit a coffee shop, restaurant, or meeting with people was a hassle.

This device is the best ‘available’ option out there. Since its the only option in its kind theres nothing to compare with. I won’t disagree that every technology comes with goods and bads. In this case what most matters is speed, when you are saying upto 9.3 Mbps means you should get at least half of it on average basis.

ptcl evo 3g nitro cloud


I have tested this device many times at different locations in Karachi and found its working quite well in the areas of DHA and Clifton mostly where i experienced speed upto 4 Mbps but in other areas which we call that side of Karachi (means the opposite side of Shahra-e-Faisal) i found the speed upto 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps max. The speed may depends on exact location, the tower your device is connecting with, how much your battery is charged, number of devices connected to you Nitro Cloud device are some factors that affects your speed.

Its my personal opinion, since this is an expensive device and targeted for upper classes which are mostly located in DHA and Clifton the connection there is quite stronger than other areas. It should be providing near equal speed in atleast all major areas of city.

Its completely based on how and where you use it and may be thats why PTCL is offering money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 7 days, which is a good part. Try testing this device out yourself and post your comments below specially at which location you are using and what speed you are getting from it.

Note: This is my personal review about this product, one should not decide based on this. Please consult with your PTCL representative to give you better idea about your connection.

I am satisfied with this and i am using this atleast for a while and hope to get better speed in other areas.